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CBE Achievement Reports
Transition Index Report   Too few Kentucky schools are on track to reach Kentucky's current standards for proficiency by 2014. In 2010 and 2011, Kentucky schools need more rapid improvement to be ready to do well on more demanding tests scheduled to start in 2012.  
Disaggregated Transition Index Report   Most student groups are not improving at a rate strong enough to reach proficiency by 2014, as shown in this 2009 report from CBE, KASC, and the Prichard Committee.  
Projected 2014 High School Performance   demonstrates that Kentucky is not on track to meet its 2014 proficiency goals for high school students.  Download PDF File
Progress, but Not Enough Progress   analyzes trends through 2006. (2007)  Download PDF File

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Other Achievement Reports
Sustaining the Commitment,   a white paper on assessment and accountability, offers insight from a group of Kentucky superintendents. (2008)  Download PDF File
Reducing Obstacles   reports that Kentucky's return on its educational investments is "among the best in the nation given our poverty and undereducation," in a Policy Note from Kentucky's Long-Term Policy Research Center. (2008)  Go to Report
Substantial and Yet Not Sufficient: Kentucky's Effort to Build Proficiency for Each and Every Child,   Paper presented at the Symposium on "Equal Educational Opportunity: What Now?" Teachers College, Columbia University. (2007)  Go to Report
2007 CATS Results   have been released by the Kentucky Department of Education. The press release includes links to reports on statewide results and on individual schools and districts.  Go to Report

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